This section is set out to explain how to extend your home. It is not a thorough guide, but gives a basic overview into how a standard extension may be built. Please note that more design meeting may be required, as every project is different!


Planning Permission

Most major projects will require Planning Permission from your Local Authority, but smaller projects which meet certain criteria, full under "Permitted Development." Permitted Development was created to simplify planning for small domestic extensions, meaning a lengthy planning application may not be required. It is important to note though, that for most projects, Building Regulations Approval will still be required, as this is separate to any planning policies.

A guide to what falls under Permitted Development can be viewed here


Initial Design Meeting

Once you have decided that you want to extend your home, an initial design meeting will be arranged, in which your requirements will be discussed and we can determine if a Full Planning application will be required or if the proposal will fall under Permitted Development. During the initial meeting the fee for our services will be given, please see here for our standard costs.

Following the design meeting a Full Measured Survey will be undertaken, this allows CAD plans to be drawn up from which your new proposal will be created.

Design Meeting 2

Following the initial design meeting, your new proposal will be drawn up and presented to you for consideration, any changes that may be required will be done so after this meeting. 3D images will also be produced to help you visualize what is going to be built. The agreed plans will then be submitted to your Local Authority for Full Planning Permission, this usually takes between 8 to 12 weeks.


Building Regulations

Following a successful planning application, Building Control approval will be required, ensuring that the proposed scheme meets all of the relevant Building Regulations. Detailed plans and constructional information, including a specification, will be drawn up and submitted to your Local Authorities Building Control department.

Work can be started a couple of days after the submission, but it is recommended to let the plans be inspected first.

Further information relating to a domestic application can be found here

Upon completion of the Building Control pack, a full quotation will now be able to be made by any building contractor. It is recommenced to obtain at least two quotes from repeatable contractors, always try to inspect their work where possible, and receive quote breakdowns so each quote can be compared against the next.

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